Getting to Kauai


This is a first of little specks of insights gained during a trip to Kauai island, Hawaii.  I came here with a group of women traveling from Europe to two weeks of bliss and self discovery as part of “Birth of a Goddess” event organized by Lucie Novakova and Lucie Kolarikova.

Our group journey through airports and US immigration many queues in Los Angeles is a test in itself. How did we do? In the end everyone arrived well which is what matters!!

What I really like about group travels is people who see one another for the first time “create” dynamics and situations which are the perfect learning ground –  for all who are willing to see it that way 🙂  It quickly flashed out in each and every one of us interesting things about ourselves, our weaknesses or where we need to watch out.

For me personally it was “the Saviour attitude” 🙂


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