Na Pali coastline


Na Pali 2

Unbelievably, the narrow valleys and plateaus squeezed between the mountains rising directly from the sea (the coast being dotted with the occasional beach) were home to Hawaiian communities. I was told by Jeffrey, our Hawaiian guide, that they have visited each other for hunting/fishing trips catch exchanges, agricultural barter or artefacts swaps. They have walked for days to get to each other on foot but there was no rush…
The way of life of communities in this “challenging” landscape makes a big impression on me. The catamaran journey to view Na Pali coast from the sea turns for me into wild imagining of how it must have been for people then, in old times. How many people on the catamaran to the typically tourist destination saw more than rocks, waves and spectacular landscape with a rainbow?

The very journey on the boat was a huge learning experience and test for our group. To see what happened read the next post.

NaPali 1

Na Pali coast, Kauai

Na Pali coast, Kauai

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