Setting our intention – why did it change so quickly?


We all responded to Kauai’s call and invitation. So it is only polite and wise to introduce ourselves to the hostess, non? Now that her invitation has been taken up – you wonder – why are we actually here? As for me, the reason seemed to be centered around getting in touch with myself, helping me to clarify more long term plans, to get me to get out of the vicious circle I felt I was moving in for a long time, and importantly to make new friends. So if there was something I would have liked to say to Kauai on arrival was something along the lines ” Hi I am finally here, thanks for the invite, now I go get the max for myself…”
Or so I thought. On the first evening we sat together on the beach under the “wisdom tree” and shared our individual intentions; what I felt I would like to achieve was completely different. A strong message came to me that this Island needs PROTECTION! It needs the right activity of people who are able to see and appreciate its unique beauty and energy. So I set my intention – to help now and in the future in whatever small way I can to respect, cherish and protect the heritage of Hawaiian people and their land.

The land that was never bought or sold.


The picture above was taken at a small roadside gallery next to the popular Kalaheo Cafe. We did find and buy loads of irresistible jewellery there… It seems to me this place has the highest concentration of jewellery makers per square mile anywhere in the world. Sadly I have not noted the name of the artist of this wall art.

I am to learn a lot more about Hawaiian history, culture, customs, in the coming days. It will be painful at times and referred to a way of life we can only glimpse at. Did you know that Hawaiians as a distinct ethnic group ( Hawaiian person being defined by “percentage” of the native element in their blood, so to speak ) are going to “die out” very soon?

setting out intentionsIMG_1350

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