When the going gets rough…


We all know the finishing part …the tough get going. But I dare say even the toughest captains need reason to get going! Our catamaran was the only one of 5 boats that reached its destination that windy day. The sea just seemed to throw us around more and more as we struggled against the waves. The howls of wind increasing. Do we go on, the captain asked – it is going to get even rougher!

I sat on the top deck where you really felt like in a big swing. Each new big wave was without fail announced from underneath by a shriek of joy from our girls who sat at the bow, safely propped up, and let the sea wash over them. I totally believe this explosion of their pure joy gave the captain not courage (which he had plenty of, just one look at him was enough – thanks to his Asian ancestry he had an appearance of an Japanese samurai) but the prompt to keep steering the boat all the way to the final cliff. He knew we were safe, but he only kept going because he felt he had a crew and passengers that could take this as an “extreme sort of pleasure”.

It made me think how much even courageous and skilled men need a bit of wild woman spirit to support their journey through life, so that when the going gets rough…

Na Pali panorama

All this was just a super laboratory for watching one’s own fear. How it grew, what sorts of thoughts appeared in the mind, how we dealt with it in our individual way. I caught myself  imagining being thrown into the sea and guessing how far I can swim being a decent swimmer but still…rocks are sharp and the swell was crazy…where is the vest… can I make it…all these ideas suddenly darted across my mind. I was really scared – but all at the same time I just sat there motionless, just trying to breathe and look calm.

All this adrenaline needed to get flushed out – which happened on the smooth sailing back home – with much dancing on the deck in the sunset! Exhilarating!


Smooth sailing on the way back to the port, already past the US Pacific Missile Range Facility. IMG_1318

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