The old Hawaiians had a simple yet effective way of land and water management for their Taro fields. The Taro was their staple food and source of carbohydrates, something like rice, potatoes/wheat, or manioc, for Asians, Europeans and Africans respectively. Taro grows in water like rice except the water needs to be deeper. But their fields did not just grow Taro; they were simultaneously used for breeding fish which fed on seaweed. This farmed fish was super rich in minerals – I am not sure the same could be said of the farmed salmon or pangasius of today! If there was no ‘ catch of the day’ at sea this inland fish was a good alternative source of protein. Later white settlers dismissed their methods as primitive when it was in fact the most sophisticated system which we can only try to emulate nowadays…and… The fields are simply beautiful to look at.



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