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The Sleeping Goddess.

The Sleeping Goddess.


Anahola – where souls enter the Earth…so goes Hawaiian legend. The energy of this beach is palpable, sea waves being drawn as if by a giant magnet, to a corner, into one spot, or ‘vortex’ according to some.

Rising above the bay is the Mountain of the Goddess, praying hands joined, expecting a child. Appropriately, this is also a sacred space where Hawaiians believe souls enter the world. Maybe that the correct spelling of Anahola was “Anehola” with an “e.”

“Ane’ means ‘the breath of life,’” “‘Hola’ means ‘the hour.’ The two words together translate as ‘birth.’ Hawaiians used to float in the pool protected from the high surf by a reef, looking up and above, and we did the same.

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